Turów power plant

1. Major overhaul of turbo set TG-5 (215MW).
2. Modernization of turbo set TG-9 (215MW; target power 230 MW); 1993
3. Modernization of turbo set TG-10; 1994.
4. Modernization of turbo set TG-8; 1995.
5. Major overhaul of TG-7; 1996.
6. Installation of new turbo sets No. 1 in 1997, No. 2 in 1998 and No. 3 in 1999 for ABB.
7. Current major overhauls.
8. Regular diagnostic measurements of shaft alignment, foundations, reference points of turbo sets TG-1 to TG-6.

Tychy heat and power plant

1. Installation of a new turbine TG-1; 1999 (for Skoda).
2. Current diagnostic and optical measurements during routine repairs.

Kraków SA ( Łęg ) power plant

1. Installation of turbo sets TG-3 and TG-4 (110MW).
2. Current major overhauls of turbo sets TG-1, TG-2, TG-3 and TG-4.
3. Setting boiler burners in K-1 to K-4; 1994-2009.
4. Measurements of the actual position of the screen collectors on boilers K-2 and K-4.
5. Servicing the exchange and setting the blast and draught fans; 1994.
6. Servicing the exchange of dirt traps TG-4, TG-3, TG-2, TG-1.
7. Diagnostic measurements of shaft alignment of turbo sets TG-1, TG-2, TG-3 and TG-4; 1995-2009.
8. Measuring the exchanges at block Tg-1-4.
9. Measuring steam pipes following a breakdown in 2008.
10. Diagnostic measurements of gear TG-1 to TG-4.

Pątnów power plant

Exchange and installation of the TG-1 turbo set (215MW).

Bełchatów I and II power plants

1. Installation of turbo sets TG-1 and TG-2 (360MW).
2. Major overhauls and routine repairs of blocks TG-1 to TG-12 (last in 2008).
3. Installation of a new 865MW block in 2009.

Dolna Odra power plant

1. Installation of turbo set TG-7 (215 MW).
2. Modernization of ABB Zamech turbo set TG-1 and TG-2 in 1996 and TG-3 in 1997.

Rybnik power plant

1. Installation of turbo sets TG-5, TG-6, TG-7 and TG-8 (215MW each; II stage of power-plant construction).
2. Measurements of deformations of turbines TG-1, TG-2, TG-4, TG-6, TG-7, TG-8.
3. Major overhauls of all blocks.
4. Participation in modernizing the Westinghouse; 1996-2000.
All blocks. Optical installations of turbo sets and work on the condenser.

Janschwalde, Germany, power plant

Installation of turbo sets A-10, A-20, B-10, B-20, C-10, C-20 (500MW each).

Baltijskaja power plant, Narva, Estonia

Overhaul and modernization of turbo set K-200, block 12.

Kemerkay, Turkey, power plant

Diagnostic measurements of TG-2 block.