The equipment we use ensures highest precision of measurements.

Examples of precision obtainable during on-site installation or repair work:

  • measurements of longitudinal and transverse axes of an installed turbine set – using classic geodetic equipment - precision +/-0.2 mm;
  • axis measurements (shaft alignment) of any turbine set elements using the Zeiss FF-01 alignmeter - precision +/- 0.02 mm;
  • height measurements using the RENI–Zeiss precise level - precision +/- 0.02 mm;
  • axis measurements (shaft alignment) of turbine set elements using FIXTUR LASER - precision +/- 0,02 mm;
  • autocollimator measurements (determining axes in space) - precision +/- 0.05 mm;
  • non-contact direct measurements of rotating (moving) elements -  precision +/- 0.05 mm;
  • levelling measurements during turbine set work (allowing for vibrations and thermal changes of its elements) - precision +/- 0,05 mm;
  • pyrometric measurements (of temperatures) taken during other measurements of a turbine set - precision +/- 0.1° Celsius;
  • corrections for temperature, gravitation (the Moon’s influence) and the Earth’s curvature entered automatically to the level depending on the conditions and requirements of work.

For classical industrial geodetic measurements, we use widely available equipment, such as tachymeters, theodolites and levels. For specialist measurements (predominant in our offer), we use customized equipment, including alignmeter with an AFS centring set or a laser fitted with an AFS II centring set. The RENI level used by our company (along with a measuring system) ensures highest precision of measurements. Its default precisions is 0.2 mm/km. The level has been developed specially for this type of measurements, its construction allowing even for measuring  rotating elements without any contact with them. The autocollimator mirrors and prisms used by our company also ensure excellent precision of measurements.
All our equipment is certified and inspected once a year at an authorized representative’s to meet EU standards.

Measurement methods:
Our methods of measurements, their precision and years of experience allow us to claim that we are able to measure virtually anything in any configuration – for example, the position of any turbine element – with reference to the rest of the machine. Using our AFS and AFS II centring sets, we can measure any element of any turbine, papermaking roller or any other machine.