Our company was estalished in 1988.
Before that we, its founders, worked at the OPGK Katowice and Geoprojekt Warszawa where we performed geodetic and measuring services at large-scale energy projects including the Dolna Odra power plant, Rybnik power plant (II stage), Jaworzno III power plant, Połaniec power plant, Janschwalde power plant in GDR and Prunerov II power plant in Czechoslovakia.
In both companies, we worked in R&D where we undertook the most difficult tasks regarding project services and implementing high-tech measuring methods. Our crowning achievement was obtaining the patent No. 197 256 for a device for optical centering of turbines and obtaining the I-degree specialization in engineering.

In 1988we decided to start our own company. Our main focus was the problems of optical measurements of high-power turbines (200MW, 500MW). Following our practical experience, publications, patents and professional specialization, we achieved the status of an Innovation and Implementation Unit granted by the Building Minister. Over the period of more than 20 years we have co-operated with leading turbine manufacturers such as Zamech, ABB, Alstom Power, LMZ - Sankt Petersburg, Westinghouse - Modelpol, General Electric, Skoda, and others. We have worked for most power plants and heat-and-power plants in Poland as well as in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey and Greece, providing services during turbine installations, repairs and modernizations.