Beskid papermaking plant, Wadowice

Servicing papermaking machines – cardboard machines; 2007-2009.

Solali papermaking plant, Żywiec

Servicing remontów the repairs of papermaking machines MP 4 and MP 5.

Szczecin SA heat and power plant

Installation of a 65MW turbo set (1999/2000) for ABB Alstom.

IP Kwidzyn

1. Major overhauls of TG-3 in 1998 and TG-2 in 1999-2000.
2. Diagnostic measurements of turbo sets TG-2 and TG-3; 1998-2000.

Jaworzno II heat and power plant

1. Installation of a new turbine TG-1; 1998.
2. Installation of a new turbine TG-2; 1999.
3. Overhaul and modernization of TG-1; 2000.     
4. Routine repairs and major oberhauls of TG-1 and TG-2.

EC Łódź IV heat and power plant

1. Overhaul and modernization of turbo sets TG-1, TG-2 (55 MW).
2. Major overhaul of TG-3 (105 MW) in 1998 and routine repair in 2000.
3. Diagnostic measurements of TG-2 and TG-3.
4. Modernization of TG-2; 2006.

EC Łódź II heat and power plant

1. Major overhaul TG-1; 1997.
2. Installation of a new TG-4 turbine in 1998, repair in 2003.
3. Major overhaul TG- 7; 1998-2001.
4. Repair of a section of WP, TG-2 in 2001.
5. Diagnostic measurements of shaft alignment, TG-7; 1999-2001; and TG-2 in 2001.
6. Major overhaul of TG-5; 2005.

EC Łódź III heat and power plant

Overhaul and modernization of all turbo sets: TG-1, TG-2 and TG-3; 1996-1999.

Paper and cellulose plants in Klucze and Kwidzyń

Measuring and setting the parallelism of the rollers in papermaking machines.

Kozienice power plant

1. Installations of turbo sets in the 1970s.
2. Overhaul and modernization of 200MW blocks for ABB and Westinghause from 1996 to  1999.
3. Repair of TG-9 (500 MW).